Church Architecture

Things That You Should Know About Church Architecture

A church, or even known as the church building, is a building that is used for the Christian religious activities particularly worship services. The towers or the domes are often added with the intention of directing the eye of the viewer towards the heavens and inspiring the church visitors to a new domain.

There are a number of architectural activities that the architectures have modified in the designs that have been historically associated with the churches. Here we shall discuss and see some of the things that you should know about church architecture.

    Steeple: These have the e-functions. Firstly, the vertical lines of the steeple help to visually enhance the lining of the church; it directs the viewer’s eyes vertically to the heavens. Secondly, it gave the church buildings visually pleasing feature enhancing the harmony of the design. Thirdly, these provide the highest architectural feature of the area.

    Church bells: They are located near the steeples. These are often served as the communication device for the people who are in the locality. The primary purpose is to let the local people know the timings for gathering to worship.

    Chancel: The chancel is one of the front parts of the church from which the service is provided. The pastor and the choir are often located in these areas.

    Altar/Communion Table: This is the table that is used for the clergy use for the communion. Today, Anglicans and Lutherans call it altar, while the churches in other protestant traditions tend to name it as a communion table.

    Stained glass windows: These are termed as the colored glass that is made with metallic oxides and glass on which the colors are have been painted and then they are fused in with kiln.

    Cross: The use it as a depiction of the cross with an image of the suffering of Jesus.