In an effort to divide up the pews most efficiently...

In an effort to divide up the pews most efficiently with the least waste of wood, we'd like to survey everyone to gauge their interest in the pews.

For those interested in the actual use of the pews for seating, Dwayne believes the most efficient way would be to cut to size and rebuild in Long Beach. To that end, Dwayne will be using the pew samples we have to work out the best way to accomplish that. He will be happy to come down to Long Beach to hold a pew dismantling and reconstruction seminar we like to call- Pew Saving 101. Refreshments will be served. We have 3 pews here; two 9-foot intact and one 12-foot cut in half. There are still 5 pews at Westside; 3 12-foot and 2 9-foot pews. Logically we can make 8 new pews from the pews we have, and have much lumber left for other things.

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If you want an intact pew, please measure the length of the space in your home you where plan to place it. I will be happy to measure the height or depth of the pews if anyone needs to know that in order to decide if it will fit a spot you have in mind. Once we collect all the measurements for the intact pews, Dwayne will try to come up with a plan for cutting down the sizes to come up with the longest pieces of unused lumber to be used for other projects you are interested in, such as mantels, etc. We are considering making crosses with the spare small pieces that can't really be used for anything else.

So as time permits, please send me your pew wish list. I'll compile them and give them to my better half and he can do his magic and hopefully give everyone what they want.

We're just coordinating this because Gail asked us last week if we wanted to take the pews. If any of you want to take any of the pews that are still down there, please feel free to do so. We aren't trying to hog them, just clear them out of the church garage as promised.

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