The Presence of God

Roughly 2000 years after the last piece of scripture was written many Christians question God, not his existence but his presence in our lives. Is He up there watching from afar or is He active in the world and our individual lives? Does he care about our day to day struggles? Is He concerned with the state of the world as it is today? Many Christians have prayed and wondered if God heard us or if He would respond. Why do so many Christians only hear silence from God?

These are questions we have all asked at some point in our lives. At the core of these questions is the basic human need for a relationship. We all have experienced disappointment from others and we believe God is not supposed to disappoint us. He is the one who is on our side. He is the one who is supposed to provide and come through when we need Him. He is the ultimate father figure whom we count on or want to count on.

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However for some reason, God must earn our respect and trust. We believe God must provide what we want or what we believe we need in order for us to commit our trust in his divinity. In our fallen selfish nature, we demand for God to prove himself worthy of our devotion beyond the sacrifice he has already made, and the forgiveness of our sins through the death of his son Jesus Christ.

How have we become so self diluted to believe God must prove himself to us. We sometimes forget He is the creator and we are the created. Perhaps the question should not focus on Gods presence in our lives, but our presence in his. After all, when Adam and Eve sinned in the garden, He came looking for them. He did not shun us or turn his presence from us. Adam and Eve hid from God. Man created the separation from God by his decisions and actions. But when Jesus died, the temple curtain was torn, symbolizing the separation between God and man no longer existed.

Maybe the chasm we feel between God and us has nothing to do with how God relates to us but is instead how we relate to Him. We must redefine how we view Gods presence in our lives. Sunday School teaches us who God is but we have molded God into something entirely different in our minds. Many view God today as a genie, a famous historical figure, or a good person. Fewer of us truly understand and therefore believe God to be a Creator, Savior, Father and Giver of Life.

God is not defined by us, and He is not molded to fit our agendas or world views. He is who He is regardless of our assumptions or misconceptions. We must learn the true nature and character of God, and ultimately we must bring ourselves into his presence.

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Posted in Churches/Faith/Religion Post Date 05/05/2017