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Because people have a propensity toward religion, they try to make Christmas a 'religious holiday'. Nothing ruins a Christmas more than entrapping it with religion.

Christmas is not about religion or religious activity. Isn't is great to hear Christmas carols in stores and malls to hear the lightness of people and see their smiles to see love truly at work.

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The message of Christmas is very simple. God the Great Creator has revealed Himself to the world that knows more about religion than it does about God. God did not come into our world as a conqueror or a dictator. He came as a loving servant who wants to show people the greatest life that can ever be lived. God did not and does not think lowly of life. After all, He is the creator of all life. Life itself should be a holy experience. However, for most people it is a nightmare.

God came in the person of Jesus Christ, born as a helpless infant, to show the world that there is more power in love than hatred, in right than in wrong, and in truly living rather than slowly dying. The Great Creator went to the cross to offer forgiveness to all who would partner in life with Him.

This Christmas, as the Wise men and the shepherds did, bow in reverence to Him. Acknowledge Him as your Lord and Savior. Make Him your partner in life and live everyday walking in that partnership.

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Posted in Churches/Faith/Religion Post Date 12/30/2016