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First, this principle is applicable personally. All of us need Gods chastening because all of us struggle with right thinking and with right actions. As a result, our God who knows us personally, intimately and is observing every step of our lives and every thought of our minds, chastens us. He does not chasing us because He is an ogre who is out to destroy us. He chastens us because He loves us too much to allow sin to remain in our lives. He knows is perfectly; and based on his knowledge, everyone and everything He brings into our lives is designed by Him for our good. When we respond to him properly, we experience life as it was meant to be lived.

Second, this principle is applicable to go to the family. God designed the family unit from the beginning. The family relationship is the foundation of society. God works with families as well as individuals. What I think and do as a father in responding to chastening has implications for my wife and children. In the military, they talk about something called collateral damage when something or somebody that was not the target gets hit. Parents and children alike can cause a lot of grief, sorrow, heartache, and hurt to the family when they do not recognize and respond to Gods chasing properly. That brings down Gods judgment.

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Third, this principle is applicable to churches. The church is the body of Christ. If one member allows sin in his life, it does not just impact and influence that individual, it affects the entire church. The story of Achan is a vivid reminder of this truth. Joshua told the people they we're not allowed to take any spoils from the capture of Jericho; everything in the city belong to God. But Achan took gold, silver, and clothing and hid it in his tent. As a result, Israel lost the battle of AI, and 36 soldiers we're killed. Sin does not stay contained; what you allow in your life will have a dramatic effect on the body of Christ the local church of which you are a part.

Fourth, this principle is applicable to cities. When we think of cities and sin, most of us immediately think of Sodom and Gomorrah. Did God chasten those cities? Yes. Before they we're destroyed, he allowed enemies to conquer them. Abraham had to take his army of servants to rescue Lot and the other inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah and return their possessions. That was Gods chastening; but because they did not heed it, eventually, they lost their lives. Do you think God has changed His attitude toward sin? He still hates pride, gluttony, laziness, cold-heartedness and sodomy just as much now as He did then.

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