If you're a student of culture

If you're a student of culture you've certainly noticed that Christianity seems to be losing ground in the battle of influence in America. And, while there are many reasons for this, the main problem seems to be our misguided desire to make more believers and better churches, when our real mandate is to make disciples obedient to the commands of Christ. With this in mind, our Grow Team and key leaders have discussed and determined our need as a church to re-focus on just that, making disciples. To see this hope come to fruition, we have been working on a year-long plan called Year of Discipleship.

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This year, we are going to attempt something similar to our Year of Mission, but more here-focused. While this may seem like a lower impact commitment than traveling for a mission trip, I believe it will actually be quite challenging for most of us because it will require much more than passively attending church. Instead, it will call us out of our cerebral belief in Jesus, and invite us to more closely follow Him as He transforms us into fishers of men. While we always welcome visitors to join us for worship, please know that the only way to fully benefit from our goal to increase discipleship is to engage the process. If you're up for the challenge, read further for a better understanding of what you can expect and what's expected.


Although the Bible doesn't contain an easy 3-step guide to becoming a disciple, there are a few obvious and practical steps that are already well rooted in the way we do church at The Crossing. First, attending Worship regularly with a Bible and journal is highly encouraged. Yeah, I know in recent years the idea of attending Sunday services has been challenged with some validity, but until somebody comes up with a better plan for gathering and growing Gods people, we're going to keep up the practice. If you have a Bible, great! If not, you are very fortunate to live in the 21st century, because the options than we have available today are abundant and affordable. If you want some advice, ask a staff member for help.

Life Group

Join or re-join a Life Group. Growing as a Disciple of Jesus is not an individual accomplishment, it always happens best in community. Its true that God has called some key individuals throughout history, but it was always for the purpose of reaching/growing families, communities, and nations. We have Life Groups meeting on various nights and places around the Sioux Falls and Harrisburg area. If you have had a bad experience, don't give up! Our staff would be happy to help you find a group that fits you.


In the New Testament there are two different concepts of time. The first, kronos, is a general concept of time. It is from this word that we get the concept of chronological or clock time. The second, kairos, is a specific or appointed time which some have called Gods time. We have an easy to follow guide for starting/keeping a kairos group that follows an upward, inward, and outward direction. If Worship and Life Group are like eating and sleeping well, kairos is like exercise. To find a deeper balance and personal application of scripture in your life, get into a kairos relationship. The best place to find a kairos partner is in your Life Group. For more information, talk to your LG Leader or see our website for more info.

Our Grow Team has high hopes for the upcoming year that include a number of adjustments and opportunities. You will be hearing more about these in the coming weeks. For now, please take a few minutes and reflect on your walk. Consider where you'd like to be a year from now. Ask yourself what hasn't worked in the past and make a positive plan for the future. If you like what you've heard above, please know that you're invited to join us for a Year of Discipleship.

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