There is one thing that changed my life.

There is one thing that changed my life. One thing that I was confronted with. One thing that took me from a person full of questions about who I was, why I exist, and what on earth I was doing with my life and gave me the answer to them all. One thing that gave and continues to give me hope that although I am constantly messing up in life and the world around me seems sometimes to be in chaos, there will one day be peace and a wholeness I can only dream about and long for. That one thing is the Gospel.

The Gospel. The Good News that although we choose consistently to live for ourselves rather than for God, He provides a way for us to receive forgiveness, freedom, and eternal life through the death and resurrection of His only Son, Jesus Christ. This is a gift that is given to us by God so that we can know God and live life abundantly, the way He intends for us to live. We are promised relationship with God now, the Creator of the universe, and one day He will wipe every tear from our eyes and death will be no more. This is not just good news, it is great news it is the best news!

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So why is it, then, that so few of us who know Jesus share this news ever? I can think of so many times when I could have shared this news with someone but decided not to, usually out of fear. That happens at some point to every Christ follower. While it would be great if we never we're afraid to share the Gospel with someone else, this is not what bothers me most. What I am bothered by alarmed even is the growing percentage of younger people professing to have faith in Christ, yet never sharing that faith with those who need it most.

Fifteen years ago, over half of the Christian teenage population had shared their faith in Christ with someone who needed it. As of 2009 that number fell to 45% according to a study done by the Barna Research Group. This has happened while church and youth group attendance have remained steady. Why is it that Christian young people are growing more reluctant to share?

In my experience it comes down to more than youth simply being afraid. Many do not know how to share. Those who do are not always given opportunities to begin sharing and those who are, often are with little help. Our young people need training. They need to know how to explain the wonderful, life-giving message of Christ to those who need it. They need opportunity to begin sharing and learning to lead ministry that centers on sharing their faith. You see, if the best news we possibly can have is the Gospel, if it is the thing that transforms lives, then this is the thing we need to be sharing and teaching our children, students, and young adults to share well also.

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