Pride keeps us from knowing the Lord...

Pride prevents us from seeing who we really are, we think we're someone we're not. This world has sold us on the idea of a self-respect which borders dangerously with pride. We are told by the "great" motivational speakers of our time that one needs to have faith in oneself and declare boldly who they want to be in God. But that is not what is truth. King David came with a broken and contrite spirit to God, not because he couldn't defeat his enemies on his 'own' might, but because his abilities to kill Goliath, kill a lion, and to survive in adversity, came solely from God Himself and he recognized where his strength came from.

The scribes, the lawyers of counsel to the Pharisees, we're well versed in the righteous law of God as given in Exodus and Leviticus. They we're aware of a life everlasting past the temporal, they we're also prideful that they would be counted righteous at their upholding of the law in the eyes of God. But even in the example in Luke, we see their motives. They wanted firstly to trap Jesus and find Him speaking contrary to the law, and they wanted to find a way to justify themselves according to the law. Anyone who has read the epistles of Paul knows that this cannot be done, but in their defense, in their prideful arrogance, the scribes wanted to think highly of their own actions. We see them initially test Jesus by asking Him of the law, then upon getting the answer we see them asking "and who is my neighbor?". They knew they had not loved everybody according to the the law, but they we're too prideful to admit this.

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You see the thing about pride is, it is the very reason the Gospel is offensive. It is the reason many people can't take to heart many of Jesus' teachings. We all want to be right in all our decisions, we seek justification of our lifestyles. You see the thing about pride is, it creates a small God, who will count our works as righteousness. You see the thing about pride is, if we hold on to it, then Jesus was crucified for no reason.

We currently live in a society where we are too consumed with our temporal life, and we need to learn how to think about eternal life. We've taken death and made it into something taboo we don't wish to talk about. We're focused too much on our legacy we leave in this world, that we don't realize we're not in control of whether we will live long enough to leave one. What truly should matter to us is living a righteous life according to our faith, following the commands of our Lord, loving our Lord with all our heart, with all our soul and with all our strength and secondly loving our neighbor as we love ourselves. We should focus on witnessing, both as a living example of one who has received grace, and one who is not focused on this life, but on the next. The Gospel is not a "fix-all" for our problems now, but a focus on eternal life. There is a desperate need for us to repent. And even in our repentance we must not think of that in terms of self-preservation, but rather in praise and honor to the King who was slain for our sins.

You see the thing about pride is, it will keep us from knowing our true Lord and Savior. What are we waiting for, let's fight the good fight. Go!

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