Love in all its forms

My grandmother was teaching me how to love and how to receive love. When we love someone, we want to do things for them. We might let them win at checkers because we know they need the encouragement; we might give a gift that we believe will make them happy; we might serve them in some way to show them how much they are loved.

When someone does something for us out of love, it is important for us to love them back by receiving that love with gratitude. When we complain or refused to receive, we rob the one who loves us of the joy of giving. When someone loves us they want to give. When we love them back by receiving it with gratitude and joy, we create a circle of love that is beautiful and what God intended for us.

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John introduces his narrative of the Last Supper, by stating that Jesus would, show the disciples "the full extent of his love" (John 13:1). Jesus goes on to wash the disciples' feet. When Jesus got to Peter, Peter refused to allow Jesus to wash his feet. Peter did not want to receive Jesus' love. Jesus rebuked Peter so Peter loved Jesus enough to allow him to serve him.

Love means to put the best interests of the one we love first. When we love, we want to do something for the person we love. It makes us happy. When someone loves us, they want to do something for us. To love them well,we will receive their love with a gratitude attitude that reflects their love back to them. Then, everyone feels loved and the world is a better place.

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